Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Day in the Life.....

So often times the question comes up of

"What did you do today"??

Actually, that question never comes up, but for the purpose of today's blog post, let's go ahead and assume that it does!

I had a coughing fit last night that had me awake from the hours of 1:30AM to about 2:45 AM.

Right on cue at 8:00AM I hear Lilah calling MAAA MAAAA!!
I pretend it's just a horrible nightmare but decide to go ahead and get her once she started singing some inaudible lyrics about Taco Bell!

I walk in her room to find this...

...and just like that! My day has been brightened!

Next, we're off on a small adventure to find where McG slept. Sometimes he sleeps in his room, sometimes he sleeps in the guest bedroom.

Last night he chose the guest bedroom.

After a few moments of gentle coaxing (: read hollering and threatening:) McG was out of bed and down for breakfast.

Today's choice was r*ce Crispies for LulahBelle and C0rn P0ps for McG

(not pictured: my breakfast of Reese's peanut butter mini eggs)

After breakfast, little sister surfed daddy's ipad....

...and McG watched his favorite show.

When it was time to start school, McG merrily made his way to the dining room table for the day's lessons.

(and if you believe that, I have some beautiful swamp land to sell you)

McG likes to take many, many...MANY breaks during the day. This "hot cocoa" break was after about 20 mins of school.

Next up was a little trip to WallyWorld

McG did not want to go so it was just me and Lilah!

We got her all stripped down out of her jams and up to the sink to get her hair "did".

Here's the finished product. I realized just last week that her hair is getting long enough for pig tails. She was not a bit happy about having pig tails so I called them puppy ears for a day or two. Now I just ask her if she wants "one" or "two". I don't say one or two what...I just ask one or two and she tells me what she wants!

Now if you don't think that's cute, there's something REALLY wrong with ya!

After our trip to the store, we decide on Taco Bell, mainly because of Lilah's little song this AM.

Here's Lilah's shirt post lunch.

All of Lilah's shirt look like this post lunch!

After lunch comes me and Mac's MOST FAVORITE time of the day...

....Lilah's nap time!

What a BEAUTIFUL site!

Unfortunately, those are the two shortest hours of the day and then she's back up and raring to go!

By the time Lilah wakes up, Daddy strolls in, strips, flops on the bed and takes up where Lilah left off on his ipad!

Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout you!

Lilah then realizes that McG is outside and she demands to go outside to play as well!

McG then makes his appearance witha friend!

Meanwhile, daddy has reclothed himself and has moved to the living room to surf the internet!

Tonight, like most American families, we are split into two different activities.

McG's hockey team has a pizza/bowling party and our church has an Italian dinner fundraiser/cake auction.

Tim will take McG to his party

I will take Lulah to the fundraiser

Lilah has thoroughly dirtied herself up so we call her in for a bath.

She ain't too happy about it!

Here she is after her bath, a bit happier but still trying to shoot me with her nerf gun!

You can't really tell byt his picture but she has chosen "one" for her hair.

We then call Mac in from playing...just as dirty as Lilah but not crying as hard!

And we're off!!!

I was going to take the camera to the fundraiser but forgot.

I told Tim to take pics at the party with his phone but he forgot.

So.......I got nothin'!

After coming home, I got Lilah and myself dressed for bed.

About 15 mins later, Daddy and Mac are home from their partying as well!

After prayer, it's time for bed!

Tim and I watch a little TV, have a quick gossip session and are off to bedybye!

My coughing attack came a wee bit earlier this time and I was up from about 1130PM to 1215AM

And right on cue, Lilah wakes us up at 8AM yelling:


Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Surprise Post

I do realize it's been well over a month since I've posted but in my defense, nothing has been going on and I haven't had a camera to play around with. McGwire had lost the camera bettery for a while but we did find it recently so now I can use the camera that got flung in the pool last year. I'll be able to post pictures, just crappy looking ones!! haha

Here's a couple of pictures I took yesterday while playing around with the camera.

Lilah playing with her laptop

McG playing basketball

Lilah watching McG play basketball

McG posing for the camera!

I'll try to take a few more pictures over the next few days. McG's got a team bowling party tomorrow and then Sunday pics this weekend. We'll see if I can get back in the habit of posting!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy 39th Birthday, Timmy!

Tim's Birthday Itenerary:
  • Set alarm for 4:30AM
  • Out the door at 5AM
  • Over to Rome Ga for a meeting then on to Alabama for another meeting
  • Call wifey 30 mins before she starts work to tell her I'll be home in about 3 hours due to a very long meeting
  • Get stuck in construction traffic
  • Call home 3 hours later to tell wifey it'll be another couple of hours before I get home
  • Walk in the door at 9:15pm
  • Birthday cake and awesome presents at 9:30pm
  • Lay my old bones down at 11:30pm

We love you!