Sunday, May 30, 2010

As a special treat for todays Sunday pictures, I have included a photo of Lilah last year in the same dress she wore today!!!

Wow!! Look how much she's changed in a year.

Daddy and Mac wore flag ties in honor of Memorial day.

This pic of Tim and the kids looks exactly like the picture we took a few weeks ago.

Lilah almost lasted through Sacrament today. Let's hope God has a sense of humor!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


It has been about 2 and a half years since these little bff's met.

I can't believe how quickly time is passing by.

Soon they are going to be in primary together.

Then young women,

middle school,

then high school.

They'll be sharing secrets about boys,

having late night giggle sessions on the phone,

ruling the dance floor at the church dances,

and filling out college admission papers.

They'll be each others' brides maids (at their receptions because they WILL be marrying in the Temple, of course),

and comforting each other whenever they have morning sickness.

Then their kids will be bff's too!

Won't someone please stop the clock!!?!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Which one's cuter?

I propose this difficult question:
Which is the cutest??

This sweet little furry bunny rabbit that I saw in our yard this morning....

...or this angelic little Mary Magdeline look alike??

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Sweet Boy

On McG's last day of school he brought home some little sheets of paper that his classmates had written what they most they most admired about him.

I was laughing at some, wondering just how many times he was taking lego's to school at others and crying over the last few.

I wonder how well we are doing at raising this precious son of God. In fact, it is beginning to weigh heavy on my mind here lately as he seems to be growing up so fast. It seems like he is always getting into some kind of trouble at school or at home and I worry about his self image and self esteem as everyone is coming down so hard on him at times. I have always tried to build him up and tell him how handsome he is, that he is a good boy and smart and funny and good at whatever he happens to be doing at the time but I still worry that he may not believe it.

Me and Lilah went to have lunch with him on his very last day ever of elementary school and a girl told me, out of the blue, that McGwire was really nice and that their teacher is hard on him. She says a lot of times when he gets in trouble, he didn't even do anything wrong. I was glad that she told me that and it made me sorry for McGwire.

Me and Daddy and Lilah think he is the best kid in the whole wide world but here's an example of what his classmate thought of him this year:

Derrick S. thinks he is the best at collecting silly bandz
Ayanna G. thinks he is very good at hockey
Diago C. says McG is his best friend
Cleavon thinks he is a great person
Caleb says they play together almost all of the time
Peter W. says that he is a good lego fan and a good friend
Godvinah says he is good at hockey
Olivia says that he always makes her laugh
Miykel says he is a good friend
Yonique thanks him for being good to her

Jasmine says that he is nice and a cool person
Riuan says he is funny and cool to be around
Jamal says he is good at playing legos
Alex says that he is a generous person
Sydni admires all of his silly bands and his friendship
Justin hopes he has a great summer
Sarah says that McG was a good friend
Elijah says that he is good at building lego creatures
Jasmine B. says the things that he does are very hilarious
Catera says he dresses very nice (mommy's personal favorite) haha

These next 3 are the ones that really made me cry.

Joviann says he is always helping others at all times
Scott says he played with people who were lonely
skylar says he is the most happiest person here

I really do hope and pray that he was the happiest kid in his class and the whole world for that matter and I know that Heavenly Father couldn't be more proud of him than me to know that he is always helping others and playing with people who are lonely.

Maybe we're not doing too bad of a job on this awesome kid!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last day of school and other miscellany

Goodbye 5th grade!!!!

Misc #1
Mac was able to keep ice cream off of his chin while eating his snack.

Lilah wasn't so lucky.

Misc #2
Tim was able to pick up a few more free items yesterday. These are bags of various nut mixes. He has 20 more coupons. Let's see how many more stores he has to go to to find them all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The park

We decided, on a whim, to go to the park yesterday. It was a beautiful day so we played a little in the sand.

Then we fed the ducks some good 'ol stale bread...

and finally, we gave our friends a push on the swing!!!

Meanwhile, Big Brother was home sick with an asthma flare up. Only 3 days left of school and he couldn't make it without getting sick! He even missed his hockey game.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday pic and couponing

We moved church times again since our ward boundaries changed so we are back at 9:00 church. I was hoping that it would be helpful, as far as Lilah is concerned, to not have church right in the middle of her nap time but we still had to take her out of Sacrament meeting yesterday. Actually, she wasn't really that bad but Tim got nervous and ended up taking her out about 15 mins early.

I took about 10 pictures of her yesterday and I swear not one was postable. These 2 were the least goofy.

If I am posting a picture of her trying to stick a plastic toy in her mouth then you can imagine how crazy the other pictures were. BTW, the other day she found this old easter basket that Bev made for McG and hasn't let go since.

McGwire had already changed out of his church clothes but wanted to show off his new silly band that he traded at church. We had to have a little discussion about how that was probably a little inappropriate. haha Of course Tim was furious that he took them to church in the first place.

Tim got a few items Sat nite using his coupons. He would have to explain things a little clearer than me for you to really understand what happened but basically these grilling marinade powders were free (he got 60 or so?) ....

...and these popcorn boxes were free. They were suppposed to be 60 cents each but the store he goes to gives money back if the coupon is worth more than the products and since he was getting money back for the marinade mixes, that money paid for the popcorn and he even ended up getting 13 cents back as well. See, I told you that I could explain it clearly! haha

So, when hard times come, you are all invited to come over and eat some popcorn and lick some marinade powder with the Bird family!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Someone's finding it very hard to keep her clothes on here lately.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Silly Bands

What are Silly Bands?

These are Silly Bands, baby!!!!

We are a little late jumping on the silly bands (Yes I know it's spelled with a "z") bandwagon but that didn't stop McG from jumping on with full force. I bought a couple of "not so cool" packs about 2-3 weeks or so ago and McG uses those to trade for ones he really wants.

I bought him the pets pack and the sea creatures pack and he has traded for a few instruments,

a wave and a sun,

and an elephant. (among others that I put away and cannot find. um...SORE SUBJECT!)

Meanwhile, my new pendant and earrings came in the mail this week. They were supposed to be for Christmas and then for valentine's day, then our anniversary, then for Easter and of course they never came for Mother's day either. Not even Cinco De Mayo. These puppies came on a random Wednesday in May. A day that I will remember forever. Thank you, Timmy!!♥