Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

McGwire's big catch!

I know it's summer: day 6 but I needed to post about summer: day 2. (or as we like to affectionately call it...Summer horror: day 2!!!)

It all started Friday AM when Tim decided that he would take McGwire fishing. They gathered all of the equipment and poles and hooks....let's not forget the hooks!!!

Me and Lilah were resting and relaxing and happy to see the tail lights of Tims car disappearing in the distance. I hadn't even got the top off of my Hagen daz chocolate peanut buter ice cream when Tim called me with the bad news.

McGwire got a fish hook stuck in his shin!!!


Tim took him to the ED where they numbed him up, took the hook out, cleaned him up and gave us a rx for an antibiotic. Luckily, he did not require a tetanus booster since he had just recieved one a month or so ago when he stepped on a rusty nail!!!!

My poor little boy!

Tim's not a bit happy about another $100 co-pay!!

Mac's little hospital bracelet. He has quite the collection going!

The evil culprit!!!

The wound!!

The wound care instructions!

The wounded boy's little sister checking out the nasty wound!!

Ready to try again!!!

How many more days of summer are left??

We went to NC this weekend and McG wanted to stay there for a couple of days. I obliged but was a little ticked that my parents didn't offer to keep Lilah as well! The nerve!!

Anywho, McG will be home this afternoon so I am sure there will be plenty more kicks and giggles to report on in the next couple of weeks!

Monday, May 25, 2009

camera shy

"Why do you insist on shoving that $#&*# camera in my face all of the time?"
"You do realize that you irritatate the heck out of me, don't you Mommy?!?"

"Come on!! Can't you see I don't like this?"

"Here!! You want a picture?? Here's your picture!!!"

"Happy now??"

Friday, May 22, 2009

We've been invaded by the army!

This was Summer: Day One's activities. McGwire played army men all day except for a quick lunch date with daddy.
Summer: Day Two's activities were much more exciting and dramatic. Stay tuned for more details!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lilah hates (almost) everyone!!!

♥Seriously, the video speaks for itself!♥

School is officially over...and so is my life.

McGwire's last day of school was today. He came right in and played his 2nd annual concert of "School's Out" by Alice Cooper on Guitar Hero. Since I was sick and had to work, I didn't have anything special planned for him. I think he was OK though because he had his hockey team party and a fun time at scouts tonight plus he and Tim went to a movie at 10pm to celebrate!

His poor chapped lips. I didn't realize they looked so bad until this AM.

He got his report card too and got A's and B's again but take a looksy at this special little reward:

Honor Student!!!
We had no idea and were soooo excited for him!!!

Here's his school academic award certificate.

And this is his classroom certificate.

Now, this certificate is for being on the recycling team this year. He got to go around once a week to classrooms and collect their recycling bins.

I don't know who Mcguire Byrd is but it looks like Mac stole his certificate!! haha

Lastly, here is Mac's picture that was turned into a tile to put on the school's portrait wall.
'Looks just like him!!

I am so proud of my little boy. Now, let's just hope he doesn't drive me crazy before 5th grade starts!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's been a while....

...since I've updated. There's nothing going on, as usual, other than night after night of hockey games. I guess I should take more pictures of McG in his uniforms but you can't tell it's him when his mask is on. I'll try to take some tonight. He has TWO games tonight. I'll try to take some of Lilah running at full speed for the whole hour long game and maybe I'll throw one of me trying to catch her and hold her down. Or maybe I'll take a picture or 2 of people laughing at me as I am chasing her!

Other than a lack of excitment around the house, Lilah and McGwire have decided they HATE getting their picture taken. Here's Mac heading out of the house for school the other day.

And here's Lilah before church last Sunday.

Yes, I do realize that hair bow looks ridiculous...

...but it's monogrammed and I love it!!!

I eventually realized it was way too big and didn't match her dress so I took it out.
It broke my heart, though.