Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog "Ketchup"

I've missed a few days so I need to "ketchup" on my blogging!! haha Get it?? Catch up, ketchup?? Oh, I crack myself up!!

First, I have to show off Mac's report card. He did really good. We are so proud of him and really are blessed that he does well in school. He brought up 2 B's to A's and 2 S's to E's and brought 1 A to a B and 1 E to an S (did that make any sense?). Anyway, he did great!

Second~ I bought Lilah belle a new "Little People" dollhouse at the consignment store for next to nothing. McG loves to play with it.

...and he even occasionally lets Lilah play with it!?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Lilah post

Are you getting sick of her yet? There is nothing going on here so I thought I'd post about Lilah's art time. She LOVES pens and pencils and so I started putting her on the table with her crayons and a few pens and let her go wild. After a few days of having pen marks on her clothes, I opted to disrobe her and then let her go wild! haaha

Here's a couple of different "art time" days.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And Now, Another Fine Episode of....


When we last left our heroine, she was stuck upside-down in her excersaucer clinging to dear life.

Luckily, her mom was able to rescue her without a scratch...Lilah was not harmed either. ;)

This weeks episode is entitled:

"I Love it When Big Brother Leaves the Electric Pencil Sharpener out"

apparently she got into some vodka also.

Stay tuned next week when we present our next episode:
"Lilah finds the Sharpies"!!

Not to worry. It came right up using Target's magic eraser.
Thank goodness for small miracles!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It'll Put Hair on Your Face

McGwire scored a couple of fake mustaches the other day and we had fun seeing what we all looked like with facial hair!

Tim and Mac even had the 'ol uni-brow going!

There's just something very disturbing about a girl with a mustache!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The First Shall Be the Last

McGwire's 3rd and LAST (thank goodness) pinewood derby was Saturday. Poor McGwire came in last place again...for the 3rd year in a row. I felt so bad for him. He was OK for the first couple of races that he lost but it got old quickly when he kept losing the other few races. Actually, I think he came in 2nd to last but still.....

Here's his car. It's a cheese wedge. That may have been his first mistake.

This was taken just before going to the race. He was so excited!

Waiting to race!

NOT a happy camper!

That's his car in the middle lane.

Here's Tim doing the cubmaster "thang". Whatever that is.

Lilah kept busy :

digging through the trash,

stealing church pamphlets,

terrorizing the girls trying to babysit her for me,

throwing temper tantrums,

pulling down chairs

and showing off her new shoes!! haha

Sunday Picture Time

This dress that Lilah is wearing is the reason I prayed for a little girl. I absolutely love playing dress up. I'm paying for it though!! She may look like an angel but she's a little devil, I tell you!!

See??? What'd I tell you??

Here's devil #2. I told him I wanted a picture with him and his tie and so he promptly picked it up and said, "Here it is. Take a picture"!!! Snotwad! haha

Side note: Lilah lost one of her little blue squeaky shoes and we can't find it anywhere!! UGH!! So I got these little white ones and :GASP: she is wearing them before Easter! I hope this doesn't hurt her chances of becoming a debutante.