Monday, August 13, 2012

Lookie who's Back

It has been almost a whole year since I've posted on the blog. Lest you forgot, Tim's computer has been on it's deathbed and could not be healed. Since it never got better, we decided to divorce it and get a better, more healthy computer. Now I'll be able to start documenting our exciting life again!

I wanted to start blogging again last week for the kids first day of school, but I'm off by 7 days.

We'll still start from there though!

McGwire is in his final year of Middle school. The big 8th grade!
He woke right up, showered and came downstairs to eat without me having to yell even once!
Do you believe in miracles??

 After he ate his breakfast, he jumped right on his ipod.
Aaaah! THAT's why he got up so early!
Oh, and he realized he couldn't wear teeshirts to school, so he changed into a collared shirt so he wouldn't be sent home on his first day of school!

He was supposed to use his last year's backpack and was also supposed to get eveyrthing ready the night before, but apparently he didn't get the memo! He couldn't find his backpack ANYWHERE that morning so he had to carry all of his stuff in plastic bags!

Lilah was also raring to go that morning as well. She was so excited about starting kindergarten!
Here she is all bright and bushy tailed, ready to choose what cereal she wanted to eat.

As you can see, she chose "colored rice crispies" as she calls them!

Here she is modeling her cute little outfit!
I'm in love with that skirt!

I am SOOOOOOOOO not a fan of character shoes but Lilah was SOOOOOOOO excited to find these gems and I couldn't bear to break her little heart. They're not the worst things I've ever seen but I certainly wouldn't have chosen them for her. Hey,  at least they don't light up, right?!?!?!! 

I HAD to get her this cute lunchbox and then I HAD to get her name embroidered on it. I mean, heaven forbid she left it somewhere and then no one would know who to return it to, right??

She had to wear this sign all last week in case she got lost.

After the kids left, I ran to the gym, ran a few errands and then came home to a nice quiet CLEAN house and just basked in all of my "no kids at home" glory!
It was short lived.

I sure did miss them while they were gone, though!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lilah's School Pics

Somebody got their school pictures taken early this year. I cannot believe how big our little girl is getting. It really does make my heart break a little every time I think about it. And to make matters worse, McGwire will be 13 in just 4 months.


I can't take it!

Lilah is already talking about on her birthday "tomorrow" (her birthday is always "tomorrow" here lately) she's gonna be 5. I keep telling her that I am going to make her stay 4 for a whole year and then I'll let her turn 5. If only I could make her wait even longer.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Misc pics

Here's the last of the pictures from my crappy camera that have been taken in the past couple of months. Tim is going to try to fix his computer this weekend which should help me out a ton. Also, he has a ton of pictures on his laptop and camera that hopefully he'll be able to transfer to his fixed computer or Mac's laptop for me to get posted on the blog. I know Grandma's been very anxious about not "seeing" her grandkids over the past few months!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lilah gets ahold of the camera

Lilah also got ahold of my crappy camera the other day too and instead of taking self portraits, she took family portraits. Here's a sample of her work...

I was in the guest bedroom going through old pictures and scrapbooking stuff when she caught me.

Big brother and his friend were on his laptop watching crazy videos when they were caught.

And daddy was relaxing on the bed when he was caught!

And last but not least, she took a very lovely shot of her "blanks" and it's well worn tag!

I do believe she has a bright future in photography!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mcgwire gets ahold of the camera

The other day, I was looking for my crappy camera and discovered it in McG's room. He was taking some self portraits that he never in a million years thought would be discovered and posted on the blog for the whole world (or at least the 3 family members who read it) to see.

I'm not sure what kind of gang signs he's throwing out here but either he's killed 2 people, he can count to 2 or he has to go do a #2.

Good thing his nose is clean.

This one is definately going to be shown to his future girlfriends!

And this one too!

Oh when he sees this post, he's gonna be mad!

But it will teach him to go around messing with my camera!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mac Makes Cookies

The other day, McG had a hankerin' for some cookies (That's my boy!) and wanted to actually make some himself. Luckily for all of us, I had a box mix left over from Tim's couponing days and McG was able to whip some peanut butter chocolate cookies in no time!

He painstakingly placed 3 chocolate chips in each cookie.

Ready for the oven!

Here's the finished product in all of its gooey deliciousness.

(and Mac giving it a thumbs up)

Little sister loved them and insisted on a little chocolate ice cream to go along with her cookie! I thought I was getting a good picture of the chocolate that was surrounding her mouth but you'll have to use your imagination!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a few more beach pics

While at the beach, my cousin took about 100 picture of us for her photography business portfolio. While she and her partner were snapping away with their $5000 camera, Timmy was snapping away with his company's $500 camera. And it's a good thing he did because we haven't seen her pictures yet!

We got there later than we should have because she got caught up in Mobile so the sun was ridiculously bright by the time we started taking pictures. Poor McGwire couldn't keep his eyes open to save his life. Even when we were under the boardwalk, the sun AND th sand were blinding him!

Anyway, here's a few of the one's Tim took while my cousin was shooting as well.