Thursday, June 25, 2009

scout camp experience : final day

The last day of camp was a lot of fun. We got to play on a huge water slide and had water fights.
This is my sand art.

Me and Mitchell had lead parts in one of our skits. I played a scout leader.

We sang "Proud to be an American"

Here's a video of our song.
(That's Ms. Jill holding up the camera and blocking my beautiful face)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

scout camp experience: fourth day


Crazyman #2!!

Crazykids #3 and 4

Craziest kid #5

Crazy kid #5 again with "not crazy" Nick.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

scout camp experience: third day

We made mini life preservers called "PFD" (personal floating device)

It doesn't really fit me very well.

Bead fish.

My octopus is made out of sand and 2 gloves. His name was "Joe" but Lilah broke him, so we had to throw him away.

Canoe time

Goofy friends

This is Joshua

Kevin and Joshua.


scout camp experience: second day

The 2nd day of scout camp, we did archery.

We shot BB guns again too and I shot all of these holes.

During free time we played hungry hungry hippo. I won a few rounds, it was fun.

Here's my friend Calvin again.

scout camp experience: first day!

Hey everyone...this is McGwire!!!! Mom wants me to tell you about the pictures I took/
I was chosen to do the flag ceremony on the first day because I was the only one there wearing a scout shirt. I had fun. This was the only time I got to do the flag ceremony for the week. All of my friends got to do it during the week too.

Here we are playing volyball.

We got to dig in the sand to find shark teeth. I got a really sharp one but I did not take a picture of it.

This is our den flag. We put a lot of hard work into making it.

Here I am shooting a BB gun. I got a "sharpshooter" patch.

Ready, aim, FIRE!!!!!

I am a good BB gun shooter.

We made leather art and used these mallots to pound the leather.

I am THOR!!!!!

Here is my leather art.

Here I am being goofy!!!

This is Joshua.

This is Kevin.

This is Collin.

This is Calvin, the the other goofy one!!

Can you guess what's missing????

Pea soup, anyone??

It's that time again!!!!

Time for the pool boy to suit up and get to cleaning!!!

Lilah is not bit happy about the green water!!!

It's day 11 and the water is still cloudy but McG, (my nephew) Kyle and Tim have been swimming several times already. Me and Lilah refuse to put even one big toe in there until we can see the bottom!!!! Wish us luck 'cause it sure is HOT here!!!!

Sleeping Beauties