Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old Sunday Pics

Here's an old Sunday pics picture from a couple of weeks ago. This is the Dress I bought in Utah. The tag said $19.99 and I was more than giddy to pay that price!! Imagine my sheer delight when I went to the register to pay and it rang up $8.00.

Can you say "SCORE"?!?!?!?!

Here's me and Mac thrown in for good measure. Not sure why Daddy's picture wasn't taken!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Visit From Grandma and Grandpap

Grandma, Grandpap and Molly came for a visit recently. We have lots more pictures that I will post in the next week but here's what was downloaded so far!

Here's the gang....minus Tim, me and Molly!

Don't ya just love the nasty pool backdrop?

This was taken the day they left.

We had lots of fun. We actually had a 2nd Christmas! Bev and Rex brought down this HUGE box full of presents. We've got pics of that to post, I promise-well, not the box, but the presents! haha Bev made Lilah lots of dresses, hats and purses and a duffle bag as well. In fact, she made Lilah's doll 2 matching dresses too! I love having a talented mother in law so I don't have to lear to sew! haha

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

It's been a month!

First off, I have to's not my fault!!!! Tim's computer is messed up and we're still not able to download pictures to it and he hasn't had a chance to figure out why. Last night he finally transferred some pictures from his laptop to the computer so hopefully I can get a few posts from those until he fixes his computer!!!

So again, let's recap...

NOT Kelly's!!

Can you believe I actually had to wake the kids up Sunday AM. I remember as a child having half of my Easter candy eaten before mom and dad woke up, but I had other issues!! haha

In their defense, though, they went to bed pretty late since we'd gone to Stone Mountain the night before for a picnic and to watch the laser show.

Here's Mac's basket!

Here's Mac checking out his loot!

Here's Lilah's basket!

And here she is checking out her loot.

Side note: My cousin's daughter Jaclyn was visiting from Florida so I fixed her and Tim up a little basket of candy as well. That's the little basket that you see in front of Lilah's.

McG knew he wouldn't have time to chomp on candy, put together Lego's and eat breakfast before he got dressed so he came downstairs all ready for church to save time!!

Here's mommy's basket! Don't be fooled by all of the eggs.

They were EMPTY!!

What the...?????

McGwire got busy right away assembling his Lego's.

Lilah got busy too!

Had to get some Sunday pics in. This time we had a visitor!

Nevermind my haircut please. My stylist's husband just left her for another woman and she took it out on my hair!!
True story!

It's always nice to have someone else with us to work the camera so we can all be in the picture together.

Someone didn't want to leave her candy at home!

Here's me and Jaclyn together!

Note to self: Never stand that close to someone whose face is 17 years younger than yours!!
It ain't a bit flattering!

While the kids were talking to Grandma about what was in their easter baskets, Grandma remembered that she left the kids bags of goodies for Easter in the guest room closet. I totally forgot about it! So the kids rushed upstairs to find an extra Easter treat! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that!
'Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!