Thursday, April 29, 2010


Seriously, is there any better way to blow bubbles than in your bathing suit??

Here's big brother getting in on the action, but somehow not as enthused as his sister.

Let's not forget our yearly review of the pre summer condition of the swimming pool.

Just as green and nasty as previous years.

I really, REALLY hope that Tim is able to clear the pool this year. We weren't able to really enjoy it last year but I plan on swimming as much as possible this year!!

Wish us luck!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Kayla, here's a couple of pics from the baby shower. It looked much better in person than the pics show but you get the gist of it. We weren't quite finished setting everything up before people started to come in so I snapped a couple of pics while my friend finished grabbing fruit and the rest of the cookies. Anywho, Tim did a great job, I usual.
I hope the mom-to-be doesn't mind her picture being on my blog....haha
p.s. Oh goody...the pictures blow up so you can see a little more detail!!!

He created the picture that had the baby's name on it with the choo choo.
All of the white plates (except the 2 white cake platters) are the ones I took back to the store!Yea for being cheap!! haha

Here's a close up of the labels~ you can tell I cut it out myself and didn't use my punch tool.

This was my fav!!! These pictures were taken at clean up time so I had already taken the bottles out of their container of ice. I wish I was able to get a good picture of everything, darnit!!

That's enough bragging on Tim.
~Next up~
A friend of mine came in town from Washington a couple of weeks ago so she and I and a mutual friend met up for dinner. Of course I had to take Lilah (Tim ALWAYS has an excuse and the excuse is ALWAYS hockey) but luckily my friend had to bring her daughter too. They had fun together and Amelia did a great job of keeping Lilah entertained!!

Nose picking seems to be Lilah's past time of choice here lately!! UGH!
I mean it's REALLY up there!! haha

Here's a cute picture.

I swear they played in that fountain for nearly an hour while us girls gossiped.

Well, that's all I could come up with for today!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday pics

Daddy has been out of town this weekend so , unfortunately, we had to have Sunday pictures without him!! :(
Here's me a lulaBelle.

Here's McG before his hair dried.

Here's Lilah and her baby.

Here's mommy and her baby.
(I just realized I already had a pic of me and Lilah but I'm keeping this one anyway... DEAL WITH IT!! haha)

Here's Mac and Lula.

Here's Mommy and Mac and Lilah's big yellow bow.

And here's Lilah in her cool shades, trying to get her sleep on. Our church starts right about nap time and she was ready for sleepin' not worshipin'!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Van Gough

The Easter Bunny put sidewalk chalk in my basket this year. Pretty cool, eh? Using that chalk, I will now draw you a picture of Ho Ho...or as my parents call him...Santa Clause.

First, I take my chalk...I chose blue this time

Next, I get down to business

It's actually easier to draw all of the details if I lay down on my tummy

And there you have it. A picture of Ho Ho!

Any questions?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


McGwire went fishing with the 11 year old scouts this week. The boys had a blast and I was surprised to hear of how many fish they caught. McGwire was super excited that he learned how to gut a fish. Ewwww!! Looks like he did a pretty good job, though.
Tim asked me how many fish he was allowed to bring home. I said "NONE" but apparently he thought I said "two" because that's how many he came home with. Ugh!!

McGwire's favorite part of the activity was when Bro Kemp ate a raw fish heart. If I was his wife I would make him get multiple vaccinations before he stepped foot in the house!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

vacation continued

Saturday morning we went to the kids science museum . McGwire went to a merit badge class for his oceanography merit badge so this was an all day affair!!

Lilah and daddy are ready to go!

When we first got there, Tim took McG to the sports part of the museum. He obviously had no trouble finding the hockey area.

But he also was able to climb a rock wall...

and play a little basketball.

He even ran a race...

...and even though it looks like he emerged victoious, Tim assured me that McGwire was not the winner of this race. haha

Having fun!

Me and Bev took Lilah to the kiddie portion of the museum where she pretty much terrorized everything and everybody that got in her way. She was so snotty and stingy~ it was a little embarrassing! They had a large water area and she splashed in that thing for hours and got soaking wet! Tim had our camera with McG so Bev took pictures of Lilah playing in the water.
Well have to get those from her.

Here's McGwire eating lunch before the scout class.

And here he is after a long day of learning about the ocean.

Later that night after putting Lilah down for bed and while McGwire watch yet another hockey game, Tim and I went up to a lookout area to take in the beauty that is downtown Pittsburgh. It really is pretty at night. There were people walking around everwhere and we even saw a couple get engaged. Tim took this picture without the flash so you could see how pretty the city lights were.

The next morning we left bright and early. Our first stop was at the rest stop in West Virginia at the New River Gorge.

I think it's the longest arch bridge in the US but I could be wrong. It sure is pretty, though.

McGwire opted to descend the gazillion steps down to the observatory. The rest of us opted to NOT!!!
He said that going down the stairs wasn't too bad but climbing back up was a bugger!!

Well that was our trip in a nutshell. We had a really good time and appreciate the warm hospitality that Bev and Rex provided.

Pittsburgh 2010

We spent the about 3 days in Pittsburgh over spring break. It was close to a 5 day trip but spent 2 days traveling. The kids did really great driving that far...a lot better than their parents did! haha
McG has always been a good traveler and it looks like his little sister is following in his footsteps. It helps that we had a few Sp0ngebob dvd's to go along for the ride!!
We left at about 2pm on Wed and I thought we were going to drive straight through but poor Tim couldn't take it after a long days work and a ton of traffic to boot so we stopped to spend the night in Wythville,Va. Lucky for us-they had a pool. Lucky for the other guests- I didn't bring my swimsuit! haha

The next morning we woke up early, enjoyed our free breakfast and were back on the road around 7am. Everything started out well but then we hit traffic a few times again and it turned out to be a longer drive than we expected.
McGwire got a little bored...

...and Lilah got a little cranky.

Tim had a ginormous bag of sunflower seeds to keep him happy...

...and I was just along for the ride!!!

We arrived at Grandma and Grandpap Rex' house around 2pm and mainly hung out there for the rest of the evening. They watched a hockey game and I chased Lilah away from the breakables!!
The next day we all went shopping for hockey stuff in the morning and Grandma spent way too much money on the kids. We were going to go to the kids science museum but decided to wait until the next day. The guys went shopping for a few hours instead...for more hockey stuff!!
It was a relaxing day where we mostly played with Molly,
and spent some quality time with Grandma,
and Grandpap Rex.

Tim tried on McG's new goalie mask, which can I say...he did not need a new goalie mask or the 2 new hockey sticks that were purchased as well!?!

Here's poor McG after he found out we were not going to the museum until the next day!!
Don't worry...he perked up when the next hockey game came on TV!!!

The next morning Lilah tried on the new pillowcase dress that Grandma made her...

...ate a little breakfast...

...and then terrorized Molly a little while before we left for the museum.

Also, Grandma's friend came over that morning to meet us and shower the kids with more gifts and she was able to take a picture of us all.

To be continued.....