Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't hate me cause I'm better than you!

Open letter to Uncle JoJo from Tim.

Dear Uncle JoJo,

IN... YOUR... FACE!!!!!!!



Don't hate me 'cause I'm crafty!!

Tim's mom and step dad are visiting this weekend for the holiday. His mom is teaching me a little bit about sewing and quilting. I found a cute dress pattern for Lilah and with a little help from Bev, made her 2 dresses. She didn't need 2 dresses, mind you, but she sure got 'em!!!

The pattern~

The material~

The evidence~

The finished product~

Here's dress #2 in the middle of being "created". It's not quite finished yet.

Bev taught me how to make these cute little quilted "mug rugs" (that's "coaster" for all of you non crafty folks). They are too cute and way easy to make!!!

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful!

My good friends at Jade Photography took some wonderful pictures of Lilah a couple of weeks ago. Here are just a few of the more than 200 pictures she took. As soon as Tim has a chance to put them on the computer, I'll post a few more. I think they turned out great. Does this dress look familiar Kayla??

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Schoooool's Oooooooout for Summer!!!

Today was McG's last official day of school. I checked him out early and took him to lunch. When we came home he went directly upstairs and played the old Alice Cooper classic "school's Out" on Guitar Hero!! He cracks me up!!!

Here he is standing in front of his old school for the very last time! He will start 4th grade in a brand new school this fall.

We went for lunch at the restraunt of his choice. Unfortunately, his choice was Waffle House!!

Lilah enjoyed a few small bites of a waffle and hash browns (smothered and scattered, of course) and chewed on a spoon.

And here is the brand new 4th grader with his report card. Lots of "A"s and a few "B"s and several "S"s.

Side note #1: Here is McG's hockey trophy. His team was the number 2 team in the league. His last game was yesterday. He gets a few days off before his hockey camp starts and then summer league begins! HEEEEEELP!!!

side note #2: I am proud of my newest wall expression and had to share.
Yep, I you???

~Lilah Belle~

Just wanted to share a few pics of Lilah (what else is new??)

In the car waiting to go to big brother's class party~

In one of her new shirts (another classic from Dainty Couture)~

Learning to undress herself~

Come on in, the water's fine!!

Dont adjust your computer screen. That really is the color of the water. I wish I could have posted the true "before" pics, but here is the "during" and as soon as the "after" pictures are able to be taken, I'll post plenty of those. Anyone up for a swim??
Don't have any sympathy for Tim. He bought a pool cover 2 years ago to avoid this situation but it is still nice and fresh inside it's box!

Here is a picture of one of the many piles of gunk he fished out. Yummy!!

Mac has been a big help. Here he is at his normal station near the pump. He is in charge of turning it on and off when it gets clogged with junk as daddy is vacuuming.

Here's a close up of mac hard at work!

And one more shot of the pool boy!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tales from the deck

Tim and McG started to clean the pool today so Lilah and I went outside for a photo op. The cleaning part was boring so I opted for a few pics of Lilah instead.

Crazy clothespin man!! there any need for an explaination??

End of the school year already??...YIKES!!

McGwire's last day of school is Wednesday. That went by too fast!! What in the world am I gonna do with him all summer? HEEEEELP!!!!

Here are a few pics from his "end of the year" beach party yesterday. They ate pizza and cookies and played some games. They also got a sand bucket and shovel filled with candy as a party favor. They all seemed to have alot of fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hockey Obsession Persists

McG lives, eats and breathes hockey. He plays inside, he plays outside. If he's not playing, he's practicing. If he's not practicing, he's playing his hockey video game. If he's not playing his hockey video game,he's checking hockey scores online. If he's not checking hockey scores online he's drawing hockey players. If he's not drawing hockey players, he's listening to/watching a hockey game. If he's not listening to/watching a hockey game, he's playing the hockey game that he made up using little red balls and hockey cards. If he's not ...well, you get the picture.
Yesterday he was out practicing in the garage and he hit the puck so hard that it got stuck in the box that he was using as a goalie. He was so excited about it that he insisted that I document the incident on film and post it on the blog for all to see. So here it is for your enjoyment.

That's my boy. I sure do love him!