Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Card Picture Out-takes

Here's how Lilah was feeling after our little family picture time!
Not one bit happy!

McGwire was a good sport, though!

We didn't use this picture in our card this year because I looked too fat sitting down! Nevermind that everyone else looks good. It's all about me! haha

We normally use Christmas as McGwire's yearly picture since his b'day is only a month after, so Tim took a few of him alone and they turned out very nice!

Here's Lilah Belle in a little better mood!

Here she's trying to keep a candy cane away from big brother!

My babies are getting too big!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning

We had a fabulous Christmas this year. Poor McGwire woke up at about midnight ready to open his stocking. We promptly sent him back to bed without opening a thing.
He wasn't happy!

He woke back up at about 5:30AM and ripped through his stocking in record time!
Tim went upstairs to wake Sleeping beauty!
Santa left her stocking under her pink Christmas tree in her room this year!
They came downstairs to wake me up and we all waited, a very painful wait~especially for McGwire who was chomping at the bits to start opening presents~ for Lilah to open her stocking gifts!
Lilah was a little slow but very fun to watch!

Finally it was present time!!!

Big brother went first!

Then Lilah

Then McGwire

Then Lilah

Then McGwire

Well, you get the picture

Occasionally Tim and I were able to open a gift or 2

But then it was back to Lilah
Then McGwire
and back to Lilah again!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish you a wonderful and healthy, happy new year!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

We have a tradition (forced upon Tim) of letting the kids open a gift on Christmas eve.
It's supposed to be just pajamas but I normally sneak a small toy in the package as well, much to Tim's protest!

This year I forgot to put the toy in McG's package so he got to open 2 gifts.
Lilah was not a bit happy about that!! Even though she got a toy in her package,
she wanted to open up 2 gifts also!

Yay!! New jammies!

After opening the gifts and reading the story of Christ's birth, we ate cookies and drank hot chocolate by the fire! We did a lot of that this year, it seems! Actually, Lilah drinks "cold hot chocolate" (AKA chocolate milk, but she won't let you call it that!!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas Night

We had a white Christmas here in Georgia! Well, a white Christmas night. It started snowing about 3 pm and started sticking a couple of hours later!
The kids loved the snow, of course, and went out and played for a little while before I spoiled the fun by making them come in and get warm. Poor McGwire was so sick Christmas Eve and Day and I didn't want him overdoing it!

Of course a little game of hockey had to be snuck in!

It was nice drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies by the warm fire knowing there was snow on the ground outside!!! It was a great end to a great day!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ice Skating Adventure

A couple of days before Christmas we took the kids downtown to the outdoor skating rink so McGwire could go ice skating.

It was at the Olympic Park downtown and they had the park looking so beautiful with Christmas lights and decoratons.

Poor McGwire is the only one of the Bird clan who can ice skate, without the risk of breaking an important bone, so he had to go all by himself!

He didn't seem to mind though.

There were tons of people there and the ice was more like snow. McGwire said he couldn't glide very well but kind of scooted around the rink! He even scooped up the "snow" on the rink and threw snowballs at us!

We took Lilah to the park while McGwire skated so she could have some fun too!

There was a huge, beautiful tree in the middle of the park!

Poor Lilah got so mad when she asked Tim for a Sprite but he brought her back water instead!!!

Here she is crying and hiding her face in my lap!

Other than Lilah's little meltdown and the fact that it was FREEZING cold, we had a nice enjoyable pre-Christmas time!

Weekend at Picky and Grampy's

WAY behind on posts, I know!!!
Maybe next year I'll be better.
Check back daily this week for a review of our life over the past month!
Last weekend we went to mom and dad's for a pre Christmas get together and to hear dad's talk at church. Lilah acted like a dang fool so Tim had to take her out and missed hearing dad's talk. Poor Lilah ended up having a fever so I forgave her for acting crazy.

On the way to mom and dad's house, we saw a herd of deer grazing in a field. There were about 12-15 of them. So beautiful!!!

I'll hopefully have Christmas pictures posted tomorrow or Tuesday so check back with us!