Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The most wonderful time....

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. McGwire's face was priceless when he saw that Santa had come. He and Tim met each other at the stairs around 5am. Tim was going to put the turkey in the oven and McGwire was going to check out his loot. McGwire got a TON of Lego's, a scooter, some video games and movies and a University of Alabama hat and hoodie (Roll Tide) and other knick knacks. The Legos kept him busy ALL DAY!

More Lego's!

Here's Lilah in her Santa gift. She slept straight through opening gifts (thank goodness). In fact, we all went back to bed for about 2 hours (except for McGwire, of course) and I had to actually wake her up at 9:30 to feed. That was her Christmas gift to me! Thank you Lilah! Lilah got all the baby essentials this year: bottles, rattles, blankets, books and toys.

Here's a picture of our tree. McGwire decorated it all by himself. I think he did a great job.

Here's one more picture of Lilah. She had a rough day. I had to work from 3p-11p and she cried most of the first part of my shift. Poor Picky (my mom) tried all of her tricks to try to make her happy but she only stops crying when her mommy picks her up. I have to admit, it was cute in the beginning but is quickly becoming quite annoying.

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