Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Pictures

I am way excited about Sunday pictures today because for the first time in Sunday picture history, we are all in the picture together (thank you Brannon)!

McG is not amused about picture time.

But Lulu couldn't be more happy! (This is her "say cheese" face)

Great picture of Lilah and daddy again this week.

McG fixed his tie but something went terribly wrong!
Poor Lilah fell and hurt her face a couple of days ago.

We tried to get Brannon in the Sunday picture groove but he wasn't having first.

That's better!


Bev said...

What GREAT pictures. the best yet. and everyone is there and smiling and no plug!!!

please make hard copies for me of this group for frames.

Brannon said...

I love these. What a good looking family. Why isn't Lilah smiling with you like she is with her dad? McG's slap happy tie is funny.

Nancy said...

That was not Brannon. It was me. Brannon sabatoged my site apparently. Good picture of him too.

Saige said...

Such a cute family! Poor little Lilah, why do they always hit the face?!! And I super love McG's face in the pic that showed us how he feels about sunday pics...ha ha! Kelly, you are so beautiful!! I wish my hair would lay straight like that!

kayla said...

Ooops, we are having issues too! That was me, not Saige...ha ha!

Scooter & Emi said...

These pictures of you are sooooo cute! Thank goodness for Brannon. :) :)