Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Visit From Grandma and Grandpap

Grandma, Grandpap and Molly came for a visit recently. We have lots more pictures that I will post in the next week but here's what was downloaded so far!

Here's the gang....minus Tim, me and Molly!

Don't ya just love the nasty pool backdrop?

This was taken the day they left.

We had lots of fun. We actually had a 2nd Christmas! Bev and Rex brought down this HUGE box full of presents. We've got pics of that to post, I promise-well, not the box, but the presents! haha Bev made Lilah lots of dresses, hats and purses and a duffle bag as well. In fact, she made Lilah's doll 2 matching dresses too! I love having a talented mother in law so I don't have to lear to sew! haha


Nancy Booth said...

Bev and Rex, you're welcome to come see me anytime but bring the box, OK? I don't sew either but you, Bev, are sooooo talented. I heard that even Molly brings gifts so bring her too. Kelly, you're lucky to have such good inlaws and the kids are lucky to have such good grandparents. Love the pics.

kayla said...

Yay for Grandparents!! So nice for the kids to be spoiled...am I right? Great pics!