Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mcgwire gets ahold of the camera

The other day, I was looking for my crappy camera and discovered it in McG's room. He was taking some self portraits that he never in a million years thought would be discovered and posted on the blog for the whole world (or at least the 3 family members who read it) to see.

I'm not sure what kind of gang signs he's throwing out here but either he's killed 2 people, he can count to 2 or he has to go do a #2.

Good thing his nose is clean.

This one is definately going to be shown to his future girlfriends!

And this one too!

Oh when he sees this post, he's gonna be mad!

But it will teach him to go around messing with my camera!


kayla said...

BUSTED!!!!! Why do the kids like these self portrait poses? Saige's i-pod has about a million of these same type photos!! Oh well, good for black mailing in the future...ha ha!

Nancy Booth said...

Dude!!!!!! He cool!

Anonymous said...

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