Friday, September 2, 2011

Mac Makes Cookies

The other day, McG had a hankerin' for some cookies (That's my boy!) and wanted to actually make some himself. Luckily for all of us, I had a box mix left over from Tim's couponing days and McG was able to whip some peanut butter chocolate cookies in no time!

He painstakingly placed 3 chocolate chips in each cookie.

Ready for the oven!

Here's the finished product in all of its gooey deliciousness.

(and Mac giving it a thumbs up)

Little sister loved them and insisted on a little chocolate ice cream to go along with her cookie! I thought I was getting a good picture of the chocolate that was surrounding her mouth but you'll have to use your imagination!


Nancy Booth said...

I love it! How 'bout making me some just chocolate chips, McG. Wash your hands first. ha

Anonymous said...

hmm maybe cookies aren't the best idea. perhaps some fruit and veggies and a family walk outside?

Anonymous said...

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