Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A letter to Grandma from Lilah

Dearest Grandma,

I hear that you are behind the campaign encouraging mommy to take away my "pappy". I love you, but if you think I am going to give "pappy" up without a fight, you are both crazy!!

My mommy had the brilliant idea to give "pappy" to me at naps and bedtime only and take him away during the day.

Well, you just go ahead and do that. I'll just use my baby doll's "pappy" in the meantime and both of you can KISS MY GRITS !!!!!




Bev said...

ha ha hahahahaha that was good and thats what i get for not seeing the doll i ordered for her. I will know better the next time. but no new clothes for the doll or Lilah till the plug is gone!!!

Sarah said...

here's how you do it. Maddie sucked on her until she was 3. You just cut off a little bit of the rubber every day and give it back to her until there is nothing left. She'll be the one giving it back to you. Takes 3 days. And I swore off binkies 4-EVER after that!!!

Nancy Booth said...

hahahaha. How cute! If it keeps them quiet I'm all for it. It's just easier that way.

kayla said...

You go Lilah! That is such a hoot!

LsuFan said...

Well the way I see it is that Lilah will give up her "pappy" when she is good and ready to give it up :)

John and Brieanne Dabney said...

We had the Binkie Fairy come visit our tree out front which had on it all of her binkies hanging from little strings. She came in the night and then left a present in return. She wrote a note to Brooklyn thanking her for her binkies so she could deliver them to all the newborn babies. This was the ONLY thing that worked for us and it was still really hard. She was 2 1/2. Good luck!

John and Brieanne Dabney said...

Oh, and not to freak you out - but she had a pretty big open bite in front that eventually closed when we got rid of the binkies and now she has an underbite!

Anonymous said...

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