Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2nd birthday: Take 2

Mom and dad came down Monday afternoon for a couple of hours to watch McG's hockey game and to celebrate Lilah's birthday. I think they were crazy for driving all that way for just a few hours but they are getting senility may have had something to do with their decision. We were happy to see them anyway.
I bought another cake from a bakery up the road. It was about $16 more than the cake we purchased from Wallyworld for her party and although it was a really delicious cake, it most certainly was not $16 more delicious!!
Lesson learned!

She is really into baby dolls right now so we got her a baby doll, stroller, diapers & wipes and bottles.

Pics and Gramps got her a baby bed, diaper bag and more diapers and bottles.

They also got her a potty chair. I don't know what kind of miracle they want me to perform but I'm not liking all the pressure they are putting on me! I would assume Lilah needs to actually be able to say "poo poo" and "pee pee" before she'll be able to use the potty but at least we have one!!

Grandma and Grandpap sent her a Cabbage Patch doll. It smelled like baby powder and came with it's own pacifier!

Big brother enjoyed changing the baby's diaper and dressing it in it's pajamas.


Lilah enjoyed her 2nd cupcake of the day.

Pics and Gramps enjoyed the expensive cake.

Brannon and Mac smiled nicely for the camera!

We had a great day but hopefully this next year will go by SUPER SLOW because I don't want my little girl to grow up too fast!


kayla said...

Fun pictures!! I especially love the "busted" pic of Mac! Hopefully Lilah will take to that potty chair soon! Jade was almost 3 before she used, I'm prayin for ya! Did you put those polka dots on yourself? They are soooo cute.

Nancy Booth said...

I said, "I know she can't use it now, but when she does, it's there." No pressure!!! We aren't senile either. We had a great time at the game and the party and to show you I wasn't sleepy or tired when I got home, I didn't go to sleep until about 2:30am. So much excitement. And I took my pills too. The cake is just as good now as it was then. Everything was soooo nice and we wouldn't have missed the show Lilah put on opening her presents, for nothing. I still laugh when I think about her. Is McG still dressing that doll????? Thanks again for the good time. Dad got the grass cut.

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