Saturday, February 5, 2011

3rd day of celebratin'

Mom and dad came down last weekend to babysit while Tim and I went to 2 work banquets so we had one last celebration of Mac's special day!

They bought him an ice cream cake from Brusters and it was delish~ although it has ice cream in place of real birthday cake icing!

Make a wish!

He got a few more gifts to open.

His favorite gift was his sn*ggie!

He asked for one for Christmas but I didn't get one... mainly because I thought he was joking. Turns out he wasn't and he wears this one constantly around the house!

Grampy had to try it out and it was so comfortable that he fell right to sleep!


Nancy Booth said...

I'm sure glad he got his snuggie. Poor baby. You should listen to ALL he wants for Christmas. He is so funny with that thing. I laughed all weekend from his comments.

kayla said...

Snuggies are loved at this house too! I might have to get Joel the camo one too....ha ha! Glad you got to have so many celebrations McG!