Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunday pics

This Sunday was a special Sunday!!!!!
The guy below was ordained a deacon!

We bought him a suit last week and he looks as sharp as a tack in it!

Big brother and proud Papa!

The whole fam damily!

Pics and Gramps were down babysitting for us and were able to stay until Sunday!

Proud grandparents!

Ready to go to church. It was mighty sunny outside!


Nancy Booth said...

I'm so proud of McGwire. He is a special young man and has so much going for him. He looks like a missionary already and he is very handsome in his new suit. Love Lilah's sunglasses.

kayla said...

Ahhh, everyone looks great...ESPECIALLY the new Deacon! Loving that suit are rockin it! And the sunglasses are the perfect accessory! Glad you guys could all be together for his special day!

jill said...

You have such a cute family! You really do!
I love McG's suit and I LOVE Lilah's outfit. She's a doll.
I can't believe that your little boy is the big 1-2!!