Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Water Park Experience 2011

Timmy Bird scored 4 free tickets to the water park recently (Love you, Timmy B.!!) and we were finally able to set aside some time to go yesterday. We waited until Daddy got finished working and probably got to the park around 3:30pm. There were tons of people there but the park was so spread out that you didn't feel too crowded.

Lilah headed in FULL STEAM AHEAD and literally didn't stop for a second (other than 2 bathroom breaks) until we left at about 10:30 that night!! She made a friend and those two were inseparable until the bitter end!

McGwire left us after we got there for about an hour or so. We had no idea were he was but knew his thirst and hunger would bring him back in the not too distant future and sure enough, he sniffed out the $5 slurpee that Tim bought me in record time!

Lilah played in the kiddie section most of the day and Tim and I took turns taking McG to the huge selection of water slides. We all played in the beach area of the lake for a while to play with sand and listen to the live band!

We also played for a little while in the wave pool and that's where they showed the movie "Rango".
We all couldn't get over what a wonderful day it was. Y'all know I don't brag very often, but I swear this was (in Lilah's words)


Scotty and Emi said...

That looks like like SO. MUCH. FUN!! I'm so happy you got to go!!

kayla said...

Sooooo jealous! It looks like you guys DID have the best day ever! I love water parks...I love water period! Tell Timmy B to score some more tickets so you can go back! Love you guys!

Nancy Booth said...

Man, I wish I could have gone with ya'll. I would have loved to watch the kids have the best day ever. Ya'll look so cool.

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