Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grandma's Creation

Here's an old Sunday Pics from several weeks ago. Grandma made this dress for Lilah about a year or more ago and she's finally able to wear it this year. She's actually be able to wear if for a couple of years, I bet! Lilah LOVES it because it twirls out really big when she spins around!!

Here she is demonstrating the twirling action!

Here's McG letting us know he'll be in the 7th grade!

Ahhhh the good 'ol self portraits!!

Daddy had already changed out of his suit AND recieved a phone call by the time we took pictures....typical!!! haha


Scotty and Emi said...

YAY for twirly dresses! :D

kayla said...

Love the dress! Ya'll look need to come to CA so we can get Sunday pictures together!!!

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