Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lilah's Pre- Birthday Party

Yes, I do realize that Lilah's birthday isn't until the 31st but we just had to get a party in last week because this week is going to be crazy and plus, she really has no idea when her birthday really is.

We had the party at Micky D's and I swear I was a fool for not having it there before. We only invited a couple of people (girls only this year) because everyone else was in school. I thought about a couple of home schooled friends and a couple of younger friends when it was too late but I'm sure their mom's were more than fine with not having to buy a gift. They'll thank me later!! haha There were no other kids there either that day other than one or two scragglers so the girls had the place all to themselves.

Here we are on our way to the par-tay!

Camille got "stuck" in the play area and it was so much fun to see her mommy finally go rescue her after about 30 mins of unsuccessful coaxing!

I bought the kids happy meals and brought cupcakes and balloons. I made little gift buckets for favors along with giving them a balloon to take home (I hate that I didn't get a picture of the buckets or balloons). Plus they got their happy meal toys too. Wow, these kids made out like bandits - other than the two who accidentally let their balloons go inside the very high ceiling'd restaurant!! haha

Lilah tried to open gifts from..... hmmmmm let's see.... THE VERY SECOND SHE WALKED IN THE PLACE!!! haha

She got a Dora coloring book and water color set from Lydia and Camille.

What a cutie!

Next was Liv's gift. Her mom is trying to kill me by giving Lilah play dough and finger paints. She tried to find some scissors to throw in there too but apparently her conscience got the best of her!

Finally, Abby and Ella got me...uh, I mean Lilah...a monogrammed towel!!

I swear, it was the best party yet. Minimal clean up and expense and maximum fun! Unfortunately, maximum germs too but I haven't heard of anyone getting sick....yet!

Later that evening, We took McG to a sleepover and Me Daddy and Lilah had a pre birthday night on the town!

All in all, it was a good day!


Pamela Allen said...

Lilah has gotten so big!
It's great seeing pictures of you guys.

kayla said...

Kelly, you crack me up so much...I love your commentary! And I swear, Lilah couldn't be any cuter.....I just love her little face! And Yay for McD's...I'm sure it was a lot less stressful...give the birthday girl a big kiss and hug from us!

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