Saturday, February 2, 2008

Boy, that 5 months blew by fast!

Our little girl turned 5 months old Thursday. I can see that her little life is gonna pass before our eyes in a flash. It makes me sad already. She's such a happy little girl. I've been blessed to have her sleep through the night since she was about 6 weeks old. She's fussy just before naptime and when I'm working (when she's with daddy) :) but other than that she doesn't really cry too much. Here's her latest picture:

Nice puke stains on her shirt, huh?


Jill said...

Oh, her eyes!! They are so pretty! I can't wait until you enter her into a baby pageant and put baby mascara on her eyelashes!
Oh, and the sleeping through the night bit . . . are you trying to rub it in??
I DID enjoy the puke stains on her shirt, by the way. :)
I saw her at church today - who are you kidding with the "she's such a happy baby . . . never cries ......."????? lol.

Nancy Booth said...

I can't quit looking at these pictures and videos.. Keep it up. I need entertainment.