Monday, February 25, 2008

Octopus feeding times 11a-2p-5p

Today I "officially" started feeding Lilah solids. I saw a little girl about 3 weeks older than her devour her fruits and cereal at church yesterday and decided I needed to buck up and start feeding her. She really seemed to like it. Her arms and legs were going 90 to nothing and there was cereal all over the place which made my hair stand on end....but it was worth it.


Jill said...

"I'm Lovin' It"
That is just perfect. It would make a good scrapbook page . . hint, hint!
Wait until she eats carrots . . . her little mouth will be stained for a month afterwards. :)

LsuFan said...

Ok so I dont know what I am going to do!! My NEPHEW cheers for the WRONG team AHHHHH Kelly how could you let him be a bama fan *GASP* Tell him that Auntie Heather is dissapointed and he needs to change his ways and start cheering for the correct team!! Yes that would be LSU!! Come on McGwire!! Anyways Kelly love the pictures I am so glad I will be able to see them grow up better now! Love yall!!