Monday, March 3, 2008

A Tale of 2 Shirts...

First shirt: McGwire's
The Tale:

McGwire has an over abundance of shirts. More than any 9 year old should be allowed. He has started to neglect his nice shirts and wear only sport themed tee shirts. Some days he sneaks past me in the same exact shirt he wore the day before. His record is his VERY LARGE Atlanta Thrashers shirt that he wore no less than 3 days in a row. About a week or more ago, I started washing them and hiding them so he is forced to wear a different shirt. Today he got so desperate for a sport shirt that he raided his "goodwill" bag and found this OLD shirt from 2 years ago. Oddly enough, you can't tell how small it is by this photo. I will be washing and hiding this one tomorrow, trust me!!!

Second shirt: Lilah's

The Tale:

Everyone knows I'm old.....REALLY old!!! And back in the old days when I was growing up, I was obsessed with izod's or "alligator" shirts. They went away for a while but came back in the last several years at an outragously high price. That, coupled with the fact that they don't sell them in a quadruple "XL" size is the reason I don't wear them anymore. At a consignment sale last week, I came across an old Izod Lacoste shirt in Lilah's size for $3. Count 'em 1...2...3...!!! My heart leaped and I literally gasped when I saw it. We all know I have issues! haha

By the way, one of our missionaries had a birthday yesterday and so we had a little belated party for him tonight, that's why Lilah has the Spongebob attire!


LsuFan said...

Oh Kelly so cute!! Lilah is even more cute today!! I love Mcgwires shirt!! You should let him keep it!! After all it's all the truth Canada is Hockey!!

Bev said...

Did you ever ask Tim about his green pajamas

Jill said...

I agree with lsufan - - you have to keep old Tshirts for posterity! G has a few old baseball shirts that the boys wear - it is awesome to think that he was once so small!!
The shirts have to have some sentimental value, though.

LsuFan said...

I only said she should keep it beause it sure as heck beats that blasted Alabama hoodie hahaha

Anonymous said...

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