Friday, September 26, 2008


Lilah loves reading her books.

Lilah loves sitting up and reading her books.

Lilah loves standing at the coffee table reading her books.

Lilah loves walking around and reading her books.

Lilah loves kneeling and reading her books.

But most of all, what Lilah really loves is......

EATING her books!!!


jill said...

Yeah!! That's my girl!
Reading a book is good for the brain.
Eating a book is good for the intestines. You know . . . all the fiber and stuff.
Tell Lilah that when she finished off her board books and is ready for the real stuff, I have a whole lotta comic books for her to munch on. :)

LsuFan said...

Oh my gosh!! How dang cute!! I can't believe how big she is getting!! Glad she loves to read!!!

kayla said...

I tell you what...I want to EAT her up!! I'm being so serious when I say that I wish I could be there all the time to smooch her little face. She'd be scared at first...but, I know I could get her to love me...that is if Joel isn't in the room...they always love him more...I hate that!!

Nancy Booth said...

Kayla, if you think for one minute you could smooch on Lilah then you are on drugs. You'd have to hog tie her. I tell you she is NOT cuddly. I wish I could smooch on her myself. BTW Kelly, is that the dog book? Let her eat it. I got so tired of it myself. These are precious pictures.