Monday, September 29, 2008

A post just for the sake of posting.

Absolutely nothing going on here. Well, I gues some things might be going on here but nothing that I took pictures of.

Picky and grampy came to visit~ no pictures.
Tim and his friend went to the Alabama/ Georgia football game~no pictures.
McGwire had a couple of hockey games~ no pictures.
Church time for Lilah and McGwire~ no pictures.
Lilah has a new pair of shoes~ no pictures.
McG got a couple of awards at cub scout pack meeting~ no pictures.

I'm lame.

Here's a couple of pictures of McGwire coming home from school Friday and a couple of him about to leave for the pack meeting but that's all.

I need to take more pictures.

I need a better camera.


kayla said...

Ahhhh McG...I look just like you in the second picture..when I don't have to go to work!!
Cute pictures!!

Jill said...

Thanks for posting.
Nice to know that you are still alive!!
I agree that you are lame . . . have you painted Lilah's toenails yet???

Nancy Booth said...

McG always has a face doesn't he? He is so cute. I just love him to peices.