Monday, September 22, 2008

:tap.tap.tap: Is anyone still with us?

Has it really been almost a month since I've posted? Well, in my defense, it has been quite a crazy month. The sad thing is....there really isn't anything post worthy. Lilah's b'day came and went with a fizzle. My birthday came and went with a fizzle. We did have that emergency trip to Canada but it wasn't a "vacation" and we didn't even really take any pictures. Lilah is ALL OVER the place now and I really don't have any free time to do anything other than clean the house, do laundry and cook when I'm not chasing her or trying to entertain her. Hockey started back 3 weeks ago and Tim is not only coaching McG's team again but he's now the commissioner (whatever that means) over the 10 and under league. Sprinkle all of that with our work schedules, scouts and our church calllings and you have one messy, busy life.

I hear Lilah waking up from her nap (I'm waaay too old for this) so I'm gonna have to just post a couple of pictures today and maybe try to start fresh tomorrow.
My little 1 year old.

McG collapsed on the kitchen floor after practicing hockey for 4 hours.


kayla said...

I was just about to e-mail you about updating your blog!! We've missed you. Isn't life crazy? I don't know how I manage getting anything done. Lilah is adorable as ever...and poor McG! He looks like he's run a marathon! Give that boy some gatorade! Keep the posts coming! Even if your laundry piles up! hee hee.

Heather said...

Oh thank you for finally updating!! And is that a smile I see on Lilah!! She gets more and more cute with every picture!! Poor McG looks totally worn out!! And man I bet he stunk!!

jill said...

I like the smile on Lilah too!!!

Finally, she has a personality.
Just Kidding!!!

She is a doll -
Poor McG. Tell Tim to lighten up on the kid!

Where did "McG" come from??


Nancy Booth said...

Oh how cute Lilah is with her smile and I know McG is hot and sweaty and worn completely out. That uniform he has to wear has to weight him down. Poor baby.