Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lilah's love of shoes

I wish I could say that I find her cute little feet in my high heels.

I wish I could say that she tip toes around all day in her little pink ballerina slippers.

I wish I could say that her first words were "monolo" or "Jimmy Choo". (those are expensive designer shoes, mom. I knew I'd have to explain that one to ya!)
No. My little girl is obsessed with her big brothers shoes.

Maybe one day she'll change her mind and love her pretty hot pink penny loafers as much as her brother's smelly sneakers!!

A mom can only dream.....


kayla said...

Oh my you are so funny...I love the explanation for your mom!! Maybe the shoes are Lilah's "security blanket" right now!! I'm sure she will discover one day the true love of shoes that all women have!!

Nancy Booth said...

Thanks for explaining. I still don't understand. That Lilah is the cutest thing I believe I've ever seen, shoes and all.