Monday, November 17, 2008

what you missed...


I got a new camera and didn't know how to download the pictures. It has taken a month or more for Tim to show me how.

So, what did you miss??

Well, you missed Sunday shots #1:

Notice the hockey stick in Lilah's hand? It's been her constant companion for the last couple of weeks. Won't someone please get her a tutu and some ballerina slippers??

You also missed left over halloween pictures:

Here's Tim "beating up" McG

a bloody mess!

we also had some fake teeth messed up teeth but he didn't want to wear those!

cute striped tights

cute family!

Luckily, you missed the elementary school's fall festival:


Jill tried to get Lilah to smile. TRIED!

this is about how much fun we had!

The 'ol fishing game. Isn't that lady supposed to be hidden?
So much for excitement and suspense!

You missed Lilah being...well... Lilah:

are you talkin' bout me?

I said...are YOU...talkin' bout ME??

her favorite place to be!



Of course, you also missed Sunday shots#2:
(I CANNOT get a good picture of these two.
I shutter to think what our Christmas pics will
look like this year!)

And finally, you missed McGwire getting a new hockey stick.
BUT WAIT!!! This is not just ANY hockey stick!
This is Ilya Kovalchuk's hockey stick.
Who is Ilya Kovalchuck you say?
Why he is one of McG's favorite hockey players on the Thrashers.
He broke the stick at hockey practice and Tim was able to get it from him and suprise McG with it. He was sooo excited!

close your eyes!

What is it?

No Way!


See, you didn't miss much.


jill said...

Those are awesome photos!!!!
I love Lilah's photo with the pacifier. She loos so darn perfect!!! Like a true angel.
I am curious, too, about how your Christmas card photos will turn out. lol.

kayla said...

Whooo-hooo an awesome update!! I was totally wondering what happened to you!! I'm the slacker, not you!! I loved the pictures...the striped tights are totally my favorite. The kids are too cute and you are too funny!

Nancy Booth said...

Oh thank goodness. I've managed to sit down here without toooooo much pain and finally got some newbees. And how cute they are. I've decided Lilah is just serious and that's it. McG was and still is somewhat serious(about hockey anyway) They are both just too cute for words tho. Thanks for posting on your new camera.

Sarah said...

There you are!!! Nobody likes an MIA blogger. (don't look at mine, life is so crazy right now!) How freakin' cool about McG's hockey stick!! And Lilah makes me laugh! And for the record, at 4th start skipping the Fall Festival!

LsuFan said...

Love love love the pictures!! Sorry I am WAY behind my laptop died yes I said died:( im waiting on it to be fixed ugh I miss it!! Anyways I'm down in Cedar visiting the love of mylife! We went to see Twilight tonight loved it! Will call you soon most likely on my way home tomorrow!