Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday photos 2 days too late

I try to take pictures every Sunday. I've missed a few weeks but try to remember most of the time (especially if Lilah is wearing a new dress). This past Sunday was crazy and time was getting away from us but I had a few quick seconds to take a picture anyway. Sooooooo, we were literally about to walk out of the door to leave and as Tim is gathering his things and I finished applying my lipstick and grabbed the camera, I hear this mad rush up the stairs that sounded like a herd of buffalo. I yell for McG to comedown stairs and he informs me that he is just now getting dressed for church. WHAT!?!?!?!?! We were just about ready to leave at the exact milli-second it would take for us to get there in time for Tim's meeting. The meeting that he conducts. The meeting he gets annoyed if anyone shows up late to. I swear I don't know how Tim and I didn't realize he was still in his jammies!! Oh well, no pics of Mac to show but just try to picture him in his white shirt and tie. Poor boys...they have to wear the same thing every week. Maybe I'll get him a new tie.

She absolutely refused to look at the camera for some reason.

Does this profile not look exactly like McGwire as a baby??

I had to throw this one in too. She is holding on to the "feminine product" that she had been playing with all morning. This proves the fact that she will play with ANYTHING that is not a toy!


Nancy Booth said...

Oh how precious she is. She does look like McG in that photo. And I believe you now that she'll play with anything but toys.

kayla said...

Little girlfriend is soooo cute!
I love her stylin sweater!! I don't think she would play with those products so much if she could look into the future and realize they ain't that fun!!!