Saturday, February 7, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story...

This is a story of a little boy who turned 10 and became a webelo scout. He went from a blue cub shirt to a hideous tan scout shirt.

~ The End~

This is a story of a little girl who climbs on EVERYTHING! Her mommy keeps getting her down every time she climbs on the chair and on the table and on the fireplace and on the other table and on the coffee table. Then she gets mad and cries and acts pitiful.

~The End~

This is a story of a little boy who had left over birthday cake and apparently in the 10 years he's been on Earth, never learned how to properly eat birthday cake and got the icing all over his mouth.
~The End~

This is a story of a little girl who's mommy is beginning to see how much she looks like her big brother when he was her age.

~The End~

This is a story of a little boy who started compaining of a tummy ache and sore throat on Monday and called to come home early from school. The next day he complained again but after his mommy thought he was faking, sent him to school a few hours later. The little boy was fine for the next 2 days but when he woke up Friday AM complaining again, his mommy got fighting mad and accused him of faking again. His mommy yelled and fussed because she had a TON Of things to do that day, kept him home from school and took him to the doctor just to make a point. When the nurse took his temperature and showed his mommy that it was 102.5, the little boys mommy felt like a sheep killing dog. And when his strep test came back positive, his mommy started crying and begged the little boys forgiveness.

~The End~

This is a story of a little girl whose bestest friend hit her in the eye with a hockey stick and now she's sporting her first shiner!!

~The End~


kayla said...

ahhh, the last two pictures are so sad! Poor little kiddos! I love the post are so funny!

Scooter & Emi said...

*laughing* Great blog! Who's Lilah's bestest friend?? lol

Nancy Booth said...

I am still laughing from your funny stories. I love YOUR stories. They are short and to the point. Keep telling them.

jill said...

Poooor McG. He does look pitiful!
And, the . . . um . . . shiner . . .
Let the truth be known that the hockey stick was only a TOY stick - not the real deal (not that Lilah cares whether it was real or not - the poor girl is scarred for life now).
I don't think our children can be trusted to play with each other anymore (surprise?). I mean, let's think back . . . there have been "clothing" issues, dismemberment issues, and now - ABUSE. The insanity has to end!
ha ha! :)