Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Fun with McGwire and Lilah

See McGwire.

See McGwire take his medicine.

See McGwire with the Sprite chaser he insists on every time he takes his medicine because it tastes nasty and he can't swallow a pill.

See Lilah.

See Lilah play.

See Lilah playing with food that mommy had just put away from the last time she had been playing with it which was about 5 minutes before.


LsuFan said...

Poor McG I hope you get to feeling better soon!! And Kelly if you would feed that niece of mine she wouldn't have to resort to playing with food and giving you hints on what she wants LOL

jill said...

Why in the world do we even clean up after toddlers? They prefer to live in a mess - why can't we think the same way. Think of all the time we would save if we just learned to walk around, or over, canned foods. :)

Nancy Booth said...

McG doesn't look like he's having too much fun on Sunday. Bless his little heart. Now Lilah, on the other hand, looks like she's discovered heaven with food. I just love her litttle saddle oxfords. Love to see these kids. Wish all our other kids would post their kids.

kayla said...

I love Lilah's shoes! I used to have both the girls in them when they were little and actually Jade still wears a pair!! I can't convince Saige anymore...the punk!
They look so cute with Lilah's dress. Smart move on McG's part for the sprite chaser! Anything will taste better with a little shot of sprite!