Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby in a Dryer

Hmmmm. Let's see what I can get into to freak mommy out.
Ah Hah!! The dryer!!!

Cool!! I wonder what this tastes like??

Dangit!!! I'e been spotted!!!
You know I'm too cute to get angry with, so don't even try!!!

I'm outta here!!!


Nancy Booth said...

Look at the lite in the dryer making a halo on her head. hahaha. She is so cute. We just loved ya'll this past weekend.

kayla said...

Oh man, does this post ever bring back bad memories!! My loving sister locked me in the dryer one night she was babysitting me...I'll never let her live that one down! At least the door was open the whole time...She sure does look cute in there!!

Anonymous said...

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