Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun at Funworld

We took the kids to Funworld in North Ga while visiting mom and dad. It's like the hillbilly version of Dave and Busters. It's very entertaining to "people watch" there. Lot's of tatoos and missing teeth. I have to point out other peoples faults in order to make myself feel better!!haha
Anywho, it's always a good time at funworld!! McGwire ran around spending money like a mad man. Tim stole time off McG's card to keep himself entertained. Lilah ran around...and I literally mean "ran" for about 2 hours straight. Of course that meant that I was running around chasing her for 2 hours straight. My feet never ached so badly!!

Taking a rest!
I don't even want to know what kind of germs she picked up as she rolled around on the floor!!

Daddy finally caught her!!

Mcgwire having fun at funworld!!

Lot's of tickets.
Let's see what I can waste them on!?!?!

Ahhh!! A bunch of crap!!!

Let's take a closer look.
Yep, this $2 treasure trove cost us about 30 bucks!!


Nancy Booth said...

Leave it to McG. He loves those tickets, don't he? I'm sure that's a wonderful feeling spending them. Lilah must have had a blast. Wish I had been there. We took Kyle last nite and ate pizza and he played an hour before the movie. He didn't look like he was having as much fun as I see McG have and now Lilah.

kayla said...

Whooo-hooo....I see this in our future!! Tell McG that I'm impressed that he got THAT much stuff!!

LsuFan said...

Oh wow Lilah looked like she was having a blast finding new stuff to get into lol...and McG wow you sure did score alot of tickets wish I could have been there!!

Jensen Fam said...

That's awesome! I love the climbing on the toys - thought only my kids did embarrassing things in public. I love her Easter dress, super sweet! So glad I get L's hand me downs! I hope all the cute stuff isn't personalized. :)

Anonymous said...

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