Monday, April 27, 2009

I'mmmmm Back....again!

We lead a very boring life (as if you haven't noticed). If there's nothing to say, you may as well not blog about it, right??
Grandma and Grandpap came for a visit 2 weeks ago and these are the only pictures we took. We didn't even get any pictures of Grandpap!! UGH!!

McGwire and Lilah sure LOVED Molly being here, but even their joy and excitement didn't bring me any closer to getting them a dog!! haha Even Grandma admitted that McG was not ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of one. THANK YOU , GRANDMA!!!!haha

Here's Lilah NOT wanting her picture taken (as usual)!!

And here she is watching her new favorite show, Dora (sorry Blue's Clue's)!!!

Hopefully, summer will bring more excitement around the BirdHouse!!


Jill said...

You know summer will be hopping fun at your house. We'll be there from time to time to liven things up a bit. We'll even bring a baby doll or two so the boys can dismember it. lol.
I love Lilah's TV watching position. The floor isn't good enough for her, huh? You'll need to invest in one of those video chairs with speakers in the seat itself.
That is a cool-looking dog. Aren't you glad you don't have one at your house full-time? ha ha.

Nancy Booth said...

Bev looks good. I swear that Lilah looks like the unhappiest kid in the world. She just never smiles in pictures. I know they enjoyed Molly and she probably liked them too, huh?

kayla said...

I'm right there with you on the dog sista!! The thought of all the dog hair gives me the hives!
I also love Lilah on the coffee table...that is too sweet! Don't ya just love it when they get their "favs" on cartoons and movies?? Saige loved blues clues too...but, she missed the whole Dora craze! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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