Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Brannon Post

We are enjoying Brannon living with us. Lilah still says "NO!" every single time he talks to her or looks at her, but I'm sure she'll come around in time! haha

Tim helped him get his very first job ever and although he absolutely hates the job, I'm sure he'll like it a little better when that first paycheck comes.
Here he is getting ready to leave for the interview.

He was asked to cut his hair for the job and this was as short as Brannon was gonna get!!
This particular job only lasts a few weeks so they didn't enforce the hair issue but he has to wear it under a hat until the job ends.
First day of his official first job!

I am in a major blogging funk right now. Absolutely nothing is going on. Our summer is boring, our pool is green and I am recovering from surgery. I never thought I would long for hockey season to start.


Nancy Booth said...

Good picture of Brannon all dressed up. Can hardly wait 'till he gets paid and see how he likes the job then.

kayla said...

Ahhhh, look at Brannon all dressed up! And be careful what you wish for...when hockey season starts, you might be wishing for that green pool!!

LsuFan said...

I know Im wishin for a Kelly post with lots of pictures of my beautiful niece and handsome nephew...oh and Im wishin for a few other things too :)