Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I finally snagged a picture of Mac this week before church.

I think he's not capable of making a normal face!

Neither can she!!!

Poor Lilah got beat up in church nursery Sunday. She got hit in the face with a toy and even got a bloody nose out of the deal. It's not safe anywhere anymore! haha

Here's a few pics of Lilah without her pacifier for Grandma!
She has a nice little scab in the center of her forehead from another injury earlier in the week!


Bev said...

Thank you thank you!!! she is cuter without it.

They are growing up too fast

jill said...

Is that a smile I see on McG's face???
It almost looks like one. yay!
Poor Lilah - nursery is a dangerous place for dainty girls. We need to toughen her up a bit. :-)

Nancy Booth said...

Those mean Mormon kids! Or kid! I just love McG's pretty face. He looks so grown up. Cute pictures.