Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eau de toilette

The downstairs bathroom door HAS GOT to stay closed!!!!

That is rule #1 around this house.

The other day, rule #1 was broken.

Lilah seized her chance to play in the toilet and "fix" her hair.

Ewwwww!!! Stinky!!!!!!

Please...let's try our hardest to obey rule #1 from now on.


kayla said...

So, who is the culprit? Maybe they need a swirly as punishment! ha ha. Too funny!

Nancy Booth said...

Now that's a good picture and Lilah knows it. She's even smiling for the camera. You should keep taking pictures of her getting into trouble. hahaha

Bev said...

At least she is smiling and no plug in her mouth!!!

do the dresses fit?