Friday, August 7, 2009

Day Three PM..more from Picture Day!!

We tried for "Picture Day" again later that afternoon. Tim took us to a beach called "Driftwood Beach". It was really cool to look at but there were gnats and mosquitos swarming around, biting us and about a gazillion of these little critters crawling all over the driftwood. It was really creepy. They were running around like roaches!!!


McGwire was a good sport!

We didn't get too many pictures of Brannon because he was too busy taking pictures himself.

May I present:
The World's Most Unhappy Child!!!

Apparently there are turtles all over the place but, of course, we didn't see any.

Well, we tried to get some good pictures. Lilah just wasn't in the picture taking mood that day, but when is she ever??


kayla said...

ah, great pictures. I love Lilah's little face! Brannon and Mac aren't bad either! Glad you guys had such a fun vacation.

LsuFan said...

I love the reaction to the crabs that Lilah has too dang cute!! She is such a character I am glad you all had fun great to see lots of pictures of McG too he is getting tall :) love to you all

Nancy Booth said...

If I didn't know lilah I would think she was the most unhappy baby. She never smiles in thes photos but she does in person. Good pictures of the kids. McG takes good pictures and looks happy, thank goodness, or they may take those kids away from ya'll. Brannon looks like he's having fun too with his Brannon poses.