Friday, August 7, 2009

restaurant time

Lilah was OBSESSED with dipping her fries in my diet Coke and I was obsessed with letting her do anything that would shut her up!!!

Brannon introduced us the the underground world of eating shrimp tails. I found this very disturbing but we asked the waitress about it and she said lots of (crazy) people do it, including her fiance'!!!

Mac gave it a try and he said he thought they were delish!

McGwire insisted that I take and picture of his lego creation and post it on the blog.
This lego man was speared by a toothpick dipped in ketchup to look like blood.
(talk about disturbing)


Nancy Booth said...

Ya'll sure know how to act at the table. There weren't people staring were there? Too funny. I love it.

kayla said...

Oh Lilah...fries and diet coke?? Very good!! Hmmmm shrimp tails...well, I'll never know if they are good or not...NEVA!
And, Mac...well, maybe a future artist!! Love you guys!