Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Crud

McGwire came home from school last Thursday acting all mopey and complaining of "strep throat". I am not sure why he he thinks he has strep everytime he's sick, but I digress...
Friday I kept him home from school since he just didn't act right and sure enough he started running a temp later that morning. I went ahead and took him to the doctor since he was complaining of a sore throat but his strep test came back negative. He did, however, have pink eye, (thanks you, Picky....... and Saige!) so we got a rx for eye drops. Poor thing was sick all weekend with the fever and a couple of episodes of vomiting (one of which happened as he was getting his Arrow of Light award at scouts, but that's a different blog post). I kept him home again yesterday since he still had a temp late Sunday afternoon but he was back in full force all day yesterday, pestering me and Lilah!!
He just got home from school a few moments ago with a reminder that his school project is due tomorrow.
TOMORROW!?!?!?! What the....???
Serenity now!!!!!
How we are going to fit that in between regular homework and a hockey tournament game tonight is beyond me!!!

Here's few pictures of Mac sporting his new hockey suspenders!

McG may say he's #2 (Yes, I know that's a peace sign)...

...but his sister thinks he's #1.


Nancy Booth said...

Yes, Lilah, his grandparents think he's #1 too. I just love him in his hockey outfit. I've never seen suspenders tho. They're sharp. Good luck tonite my man. I see one of the pics is by the toliet in case he throws up again, huh?

kayla said...

Pink eye rears its ugly head once again...I'm sorry McG! But you sure do look cute with those suspenders!! Hope you won!

jill said...

How cute! I mean, not the being sick part, but the photos are so cute. Those suspenders look huge!