Sunday, February 28, 2010

McGwire's week

Mac had quite an eventful week last week.

He created a turtle out of clay in art class.

He played in 2 championship hockey games. (2nd place in both leagues~ that's why the sour face)

That's better.

He made a pillow in art class as well. Way better than mommy could ever make!

And finally, he spent all day Saturday at a scout merit badge camp where he earned his first two merit badges~cooking and music. He learned how to make beef stew in cooking class and made this really cool didley bow in music class.


Bev said...

Well McGwire is very talented and he did a great job on everything he made. Very proud of him.

And he is so handsome can't wait to see him and all of you

LsuFan said...

Way to go McG!! You are so very talented !1 Love you Auntie Heather

kayla said...

Wow, are one busy guy...I'm sure your mom loves it! Good job on all your projects, they look great and congrats on the trophies!

Nancy said...

I saw the turtle and the pillow in person and was very impressed. I knew he made the turtle but not the pillow. Also, the instrument. What a talented and good looking boy he is. We're all so proud of you, McG.