Monday, February 15, 2010

Scout Awards

Last Friday was McGwire's Blue and Gold scout banquet. It promised to be a wonderful night with good food, great fun and lots of awards!!!! McGwire stayed home from school that day not feeling well (remember I took him to the doctor earlier that day?) but he seemed to feel alright when he got up to the church. I had to be there early to help decorate and Tim and McGwire got there a little after me for Tim to set up his stuff as well. Things seemed well in the beginning. McGwire was having a blast, Lilah was running around going crazy, Tim was busy "doing his cubmaster thing" and me and Brannon were keeping ourselves amused in various ways. After dinner, the kids had a scavanger hunt to find their awards. McG seemed fine at that time but when it came for him and his friend to go get their face painted and get the Arrow of Light award, things took a turn for the worse!!!
This is a picture we took at home after the cermony. I drew the big heart in the center of his forehead and Tim drew everything else. Each color represents something that has to do with scouting. How's that for an explaination?? You can look it up yourself if you're really interested! haha

Here's his Arrow of Light award. We are very proud of McGwire for this accompishment. He worked hard in Cubs and hopefully he will work just as hard in boy scouts and earn his Eagle one day.
His den leader (Sis Lebo) and her son made the arrow andTim put together the award.

This picture was taken about 3 minutes before Mac had to run to the bathroom to vomit. We have the entire thing on video but will spare Mac the humiliation of posting it ont he blog. You can tell that he doesn't feel very well. He leaned over to me and whispered that he had to throw up. I tried to get him to hold it in for a few moments but that wasn't happening! I asked Jill to get a garbage can "just in case" but before she could make it back, poor McG was fixing to spew. So we ran to the bathroom and he was able to make it in time. Bless his little heart!!!

This was taken after the vomting episode. He felt a lot better and was able to finish the ceremony, get his award and "cross over" from cubs to scouts. Unfortunately, this was about the time that Tim started feeling his kidney stone make it's debut.

Here's a few more pictures of the festivities.


Nancy said...

I'm so proud of McGwire but I do feel his pain and his poor eyes. I feel so bad for him and so guilty too for giving him pink eye. Such an important event and to feel so bad. Poor baby. And then Tim. Ya'll have been thru so much in the past week. Glad things are better. What's that Brannon look? hahahaha. Good pic of you.

Sarah said...

Buwahahahahaha.....I can't wait until he's old enough to show this blog to his girlfriend!!! Suicide, KB, suicide!!! Oh, and I only laugh b/c you need to go read my blog in about 20 mins when I get finished updating....

kayla said...

Poor McG...he does look a little green! Way to go though McG! Before you know it, you'll be working on your Eagle project!

Michelle said...

Way to go McGwire! Proud of you for doing such a great job. Latu, Nathan and Sione all received their Arrow of Light award and so far Latu and Nathan have received their Eagle award. Sione is about to start his project. He has earned Life rank but will hopefully have his Eagle soon. Good job Kelly and Tim for encouraging and supporting McGwire in this worthwhile program.