Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday pics

I know it has been quite a while since I've posted so I know all 3 of my readers (well, 5 if you include me and Tim) are in for a shock seeing a new post!!
In my defense, we use Tim's work camera and unfortunately "work" has needed it's camera off and on for the past month so I have not been able to get any pictures.
So, I'm starting fresh, a week into August, with some Sunday pictures.

It seems like this pose of my 3 favorite people never seems to change

Of course I have to throw in an embarrassing picture of Tim for good measure.

My baby's growing up too fast!! Can you believe he'll be 12 in just 6 months?
p.s. I hate how after losing 136 pounds, I look like I still need to lose 136 pounds!!! UGH!!!

This baby is growing up way too fast too. We are in the midst of getting everything ready for her 3rd birthday party in a couple of weeks. Tim is hard at work designing everything that I am hard at work asking him to design!

They both slumped to the floor whenever I announce it was "Sunday picture" time.
Not sure what that's all about.

My awesome photography skills. All I have to do it point and click and I end up with something that looks like it could be in a fashion magazine!!

This one is my favorite.....She picked up a small knife that Tim had laying on the coffee table for no good reason and immediately aimed for her foot. Of course I had to snap a photo before taking it away from her.
Blog entry's come before safety, ya know!

Check back tomorrow to see if I've decided to post anything else!!


Bev said...

Finally!! You all look fabulous

and they didn't grown 12" since the last post on us!!

Thanks for the pictures.

jill said...

Ahem...I am your 6th reader!

I love Lil's sandals. I think we have the same pair. The knife photo...what the?? :)
You lost 136 lbs?! I am so excited for you. That is awesome work. Way to go! I think that you look great - you really do!

McGwire is almost as tall as you are! Do you realize that? Put some books on his head so he'll stop growing so much. :)

love ya!

kayla said...

YAY!!!! A new post....I look everyday to see if I'll get lucky and today I did!! Great pics you guys...Kelly you look AWESOME!

Nancy Booth said...

You all look so good. I am proud or thankful for your little family. You're a very good looking family and I love you all so much.