Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The thief and the playdate

I am working (my job) right now AND trying to update the blog and it's not working out too well. So let me skip all of the nonsense and get straight to the pictures.
Me and Lilah and Liv and Jill had a playdate on Saturday. The girls had a great time running around and playing and dancing. Lilah only fell down the stairs once so I consider it a success!!
Here she is ready for action.
Let's not forget to take our b'day invitation and scream everytime someone tries to take it from us!!

I really thought my hair looked good that day but I am now realizing how flat and lifeless it must have looked to everyone else in the world that day!! Humph!

Lilah is obsessed with "pops" better known to you and I as popsicles. She is allowed one or two a day (or 7 or 8 a day if she's getting on my nerves by asking for them EVERY.SECOND.OF.THE.DAY.) but I told her no popsicles since we were about to leave. Tim and I were talking and we heard the slam of the freezer followed by little pitter patter of guilty feet running into our room and then slamming the door. We went to investigate and found this little thief:



Nancy Booth said...

She is such a doll. If I were her mom she could have a pop every time she looked unhappy. That goes for TV too. Anything to keep them happy and quiet. I love your blogs, Kelly. You are soooo funny.

jill said...

Your hair looked fine!!!! Sheesh.
Your hair looked awesome!!!
The show was fun. NOW I know what I'll get Lilah for her birthday!

Popsicles?? At least she doesn't let them melt on your carpet.