Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He's 12

Today my little baby
my miracle boy
turns 12

Not so sure where the time went. I'm not a bit happy about it.
Here are 12 great things about McGwire
  • he still lets me hug and kiss him
  • he's a good babysitter
  • he loves hockey and is really good at it
  • he hasn't bugged us (too much) about getting a cell phone
  • he's smart! he "get's" math, and most of his school work comes easy for him.
  • he's respectful to other adults (not so much to his mom and dad, though)
  • he loves Lego's and loves to build things
  • he has a kind heart and cares about how others are feeling
  • he has a wonderful young testimony of the gospel
  • he's doing really well in scouts
  • he entertains himself so well
  • his mommy is still the #1 girl in his life


We love you!


kayla said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy McGwire!!!!! You are all that and a bag of chips!! We love you and hope you have a wonderful day today!

LsuFan2 said...

Happy Birthday McG I love you!

Nancy Booth said...

Happy b'day McGwire!!!! Your mom forgot to mention how good you can clean your room, what a good bag boy you are when we come and what a good speaker you are. There's so many good things about you and we sure hope you had a good day. Love you, man.