Thursday, April 24, 2008

The show is over...say "goodbye"!!

Uncle JoJo's visit came to a sad end today. It was a short visit but we sure were happy to have had some time to spend with him.

These are a few reasons why we love uncle JoJo:

He's a great entertainer~

A great babysitter~

A great jokester and story teller~

A great uncle~

And a great brother and son!

So Long Uncle Joel!!!


LsuFan said...

Ok so Lilah looks like she likes him except when Joel is holding here hahaha!! I am glad you got a visit with him!!

Nancy Booth said...

I sure hated to see him go but really enjoyed his short visit. His plane should have left about the time we got home. Thanks again for the good time and putting up with us all. Enjoyed the pics on the family site too. Tks

jill said...

Lilah looks like all grown up sitting at that table!

Nancy Booth said...

I just love that picture with the storyteller and jokester. It looks just like she's listening to something very interesting.