Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weekly Update

I sure am running out of creative titles, huh?

McGwire's spring break is this week and we are just hanging around here. How's that for fun? He's getting to do some fun things like hanging out with his friends, swimming, skating and jumping at the "Jump Zone". My new work schedule messed us up as far as going out of town anywhere but hopefully we will have a chance to really have fun this summer. I changed my schedule from every weekend to every other weekend so every 2 weeks I will have 5 days off in a row. Did that make any sense at all? Anywho...whatever.

General Conference was this past weekend and we watched it in the comfort of our upstairs loft, so I don't have any pictures of the kids in their church clothes. Here are a few pix I took so far this week.

Tim and Kelly update:

10 Years of marital bliss

Our 10 year wedding aniversary was Tuesday. Of course I had to work so it went by with a fizzle. This was our "Hawaii" year but little Lilah came along and quickly took that dream away. I am thankful that she did, though. Here are the beautiful flowers Tim bought me.

McGwire update:

Still sleeping with "blankie"

Here's McG's favorite blanket that I made when he was about 3 years old. It has been through 6 1/2 years of "H..E..double toothpicks" and it's just about hanging by a thread. He absolutely refuses to give it up. I asked him if Grandma made him a soft quilt, would he finally give up his "blankie" and he said "only if she makes it the same color and material". Good luck with that, Grandma!!

This first pic is of "blankie''s "good side".

This next pic is of "blankie's" "not-so-good" side. You can't really tell in this pic, but the white part is the filler. The fabric is completely torn away!?!?!

Lilah update:

first tooth, waving hi, finding our noses, loving food

Lilah is growing up so fast. I hate that her pictures are taken in the same place every time. We have a daily routine and it's quite boring. The only other places that we go are the store, church and hockey...THAT'S IT!!! Oh, and out to eat, of course. I always forget the camera when we do something other than sit at home, so I will try to do better. In the meantime here are the same poses in the same places. At least she's wearing different clothes. She's like a paper doll.

Mac took this picture. I think he did a good job.


kayla said...

Tell McGwire...good job on the pics! Lilah is just growing like a weed...good grief!! What a cutie.

Nancy Booth said...

What is Lilah looking at in the last pic? Must have been very interesting. McGwire is doing good with the camera. Maybe we should give him ours.

Nancy Booth said...

Oh yes, the flowers are beautiful with the picture of the Savior next to them. What a lovely scene.

jill said...

Lovely flowers!
Cute kids!
Nice Blankie!!! He looks like a wrapped burrito in that thing. lol.
Take a photo of your new car seat! :)

Bev said...

which grandma might that be?