Monday, April 14, 2008

Special Delivery from Germany

Look what the cat dragged in!!!! Uncle JoJo came to visit from overseas. We are so excited to see him but I know his family misses him. He and dad are going to Texas to see his boys and will be back in a week or so. McG absolutely ADORES Uncle JoJo and Lilah seems to not be disgusted much by him...yet!

Here's Uncle Joel eating pizza at 11 o'clock at night.

Here's McGwire eating pizza (well, actually breadsticks) at 11 0'clock at night.

Here's Timmy eating pizza at 11 0'clock at night! (He'll kill me for this picture, but he should have smiled nicely, right?)Me, mom and dad were eating pizza at 11 0'clock at night as well, but we don't have it documented on film. I didn't even attempt to take pictures of us eating cake and ice cream at 11:30 that same night!!! We have some dignity!!!

Uncle JoJo misses his little family already! I clicked this one of him talking to you, Kayla!

Here's Picky with the kids. I honestly don't think Mac is capable of smiling correctly and here's Lilah in her "same pose, different clothes"!! Actually, the second pic of her is kinda cute...or at least I think so!

After many tears on my part and many rolling eyes on Tim's part, we FINALLY got our yard cut and trimmed up nicely. Tim has no time or energy for yard work (that, sprinkled with a tiny bit of pure laziness) so we had to hire someone to do it. I felt a little guilty...I'm not so sure Tim did, though. At least it's done and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I should have taken a "before" picture but didn't. Here's the "after" though. I WILL post before/after pics of the pool for sure if and when it gets done!!!!

Finally, here's a video of Picky making Lilah laugh!!! Unfortunately the card was too full so it's a short video clip, real short but at least it gives Grandma a glimpse of Lilah.


Bev said...

great pictures. can't wait to get down there to see all of you.

Nancy Booth said...

What a surprise! I was just checking and found all of this. Great! Love it.

kayla said...

It's so weird seeing Joel on your blog!!! The house looks awesome...I'd pay someone any day to do that work!! Also loved the video of your mom and Lilah...too cute! Wish we could be there too, but I'm glad that Joel has such a great family. Enjoy your visit.

Nancy Booth said...

Kelly, I forgot to tell you how good the yard looks. We noticed it right off the bat when we got there but forgot to mention it. Sorry. It looks great.

Heather said...

Wow great pictures...Tim looks so typical lol!! I would be so embarrassed if you took one of me like that oh wait I would never do that!! the kids look great!

jill said...

Nice yard!
I expect to see before and after photos of the pool . . . WHEN it gets done. And, it better get done because I am expecting a swimming invitation this summer. :)